Best photo editing apps for Instagram-ers and Bloggers

Smart phones have become a part of our daily lives and apps go hand in hand with it. There is an app for pretty much everything today. Knowing the right ones however is the matter of research.

Looking for free and Best photo editing apps? you are in the right place.

When it comes to photography, smartphones have really up-ed their game and the cameras have become so advanced that most of the time we don’t need a massive DSLR lug around our neck anymore. A decent phone camera can do the job, for both videos and photos.

Therefore, it’s important to know the right tools (in this case, the best photo editing apps) that you can use for a photo or video job. As much as I am a big fan analog/film photography I am also really enjoying that instant photo genre that we are living in. Just snapping out that landscape with your phone. Hence, I started using my phone for everyday photography and then started experimenting with different apps and the potential they hold.

Today I decided to share some of my favorite and in my opinion the best and free photo editing apps for mobile photography that are available on both iOS and Android.

These are the apps I use on an everyday basis to edit pretty much all my mobile photos. Inf act sometimes I even use them on my high-resolution camera photos for quick fixes.


Snapseed originally developed by Google is a FREE photo editing app available on both android and iOS. I have been using Snapseed for almost 6 – 7 years for all basic fixes including, brightness contrast adjustments, healing, basic temperature correction, sharpness, and so on.

The Grainy Film effects are pretty cool if you like to try those Instagram inspired colors on your photos. Just scroll through all the color effects available, they all come with default grain on photos but you can tone the grain (noise) down and just use the color palette.

Snapseed controls sharpness way better than a lot of other mobile apps do.

My favorite features in Snapseed

Grain Film filter

User Experience of the app, straight forward easy to use just with scroll up and down to control the intensity.

Adobe Lightroom app

Developed by Adobe and available on both iOS and Android, the Lightroom app gives you pretty much all the original Adobe lightroom options as on a desktop computer.

Lightroom app has a couple of advantages over Snapseed for example, it gives you the option to adjust colors, HUEs, and tints instead of just temperature adjustment (as Snapseed).

Lightroom also has other amazing features like using graduated filters, curves, and most importantly presets.

My Favorite Features in Lightroom App

  • The Presets. This means you can sync all your Lightroom desktop presets to your Lightroom mobile app. You can also download/buy other influencers’ lightroom presets and use them in your lightroom mobile app and color grade your photos like your favorite influencers.
  • If you’d be interested in color grading your photos like mine, do check out my Lightroom presets shop by clicking here. All presets are available for desktop as well as mobile versions.


VSCO came out in the early days of Instagram. It was one of the first apps that allowed users having creative color filters as well as set up their profiles showcasing their work for a wide audience. The VSCO filters became a trend of their own. If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with aesthetically designed color filters, give VSCO a shot. Also its perfect for minimalist with their clean UI design catering to photographers with aesthetics for minimal design and photography approach. You can set up a profile as well to showcase your photography work. There are premium filters that you can purchase as well to edit your photos.


Camera+ is the app for photographers who want the pro controls in a mobile phone app. with this app you can have manual control on exposure, shutter, a stabilizer to ensure steady shooting and a lot more. It is a lot like transforming your phone into a camera

My Favorite Features in Camera+

Ability to use manual camera controls

Abilty to edit Raw photos


Afterlight allows you to import Raw photos and edit them on your phone including iPhone’s HEIC format. Unlike many other apps, in Afterlight you can create filters using their Fusion feature then save them and use for rest of the photos to give consistency to your over all instagram feed.

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