DJI Osmo 4 Review

DJI released their latest mobile gimbal the DJI OSMO 4 a few months ago. An upgrade with a lot of upgrades. I was never a mobile phone film maker but with the latest improvements in phone cameras i decided to start making some videos using my phone. And when you decide to start making videos from your phone the first thing you must invest in is a mobile gimbal.

DJI Osmo 4 with its new features takes it to the next level with some in-app hollywood style options like the ‘Spin shot‘ and the ‘Hitchcock Zoom or also knowns as Dolly Zoom‘ the new DJI OM 4 is packed with tons of features, a new brighter color and most importantly the really cool and easy to use magnetic mount is what makes the DJI Osmo 4 stand out over other gimbals.

In the following DJI Osmo 4 Review video I talk about all these features and show you how easy it is to mount and use and start filming content on the go.

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