Haritha Villas & Spa

An escape nestled among the lush green forests. A break much needed.

Let me start by saying it straight out; if you are looking for a busy and happening travel itinerary, with streets buzzing from touristy attractions, this post and this resort may not be for you.

However, if you are looking for a getaway from city life, into a private resort surrounded by lush green forests, where you can hear the chirping birds, musical psithurism of the feathered foliage (it’s a fancier phrase for ‘the wind through the trees’) enjoy delicious fresh fruits and see some stunning sunsets, then you are in luck today to find out about this secret resort. In Hikkaduwa, 3sh hours’ drive from Columbo airport is Haritha villas, one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka.

Haritha villa is limited 9 private villas/mansions built over a hill, looking down in the forests, each comes with a private pool, facing towards the lush green landscapes.

Haritha Villas Srilanka – Common area (Photo © Mustafa Sheikh)

The experience at Haritha is very bespoke, designed to suit each luxury traveler’s taste. You realize it soon as you send your booking request. You are asked your preferences in room type, the kind of cuisine you enjoy, any additional experiences that you’d like to add and so on. This questionnaire is sent to you prior to your arrival or even payment, right when you book online. The staff really puts their heart into making it a wonderful experience for you which you’ll feel the moment you get there until the last hour of your stay. Let me break down all the details and the experience step by step for you.

Getting there

Ideally, book a private car to drive you from Columbo airport to the Haritha villa (in Hikkaduwa, Galle). It’s newly built hence not a very famous spot so Google Maps is your friend. Once you are in the area, you’ll be driving through narrow Sri Lankan streets surrounded by green fields, follow the directions on google map, they are accurate.


On your arrival, you are given a warm welcome by the staff with fresh drinks. You will be asked your preference of fragrance that you want for your room. One of the staff members will give you a small tour of the property. You will be assigned a ‘villa master’ who will take care of your meal schedule, preferences, organizing any tours if you need or anything you may need during your stay, after which you’ll be taken to your private villa. We had Roshan as our villa master, one of the best, very kind caring and helping. He was well aware of the area, efficient with helping us organize our schedule, meals and even transfers to wherever we needed. 

The villas

Sri Lanka Travel
Private 2 bedroom Mansion (Photo © Mustafa Sheikh)
Private 2 bedroom Mansion (Photo © Mustafa Sheikh)

Haritha has 9 private villas. Each with a beautiful colonial inspired interior. The top two villas seem to be the largest ones with a full panoramic view of the forests from above. The rooms are equipped with all the basics + a cellphone where you can ring your villa master at anytime for anything you need. (personal opinion: you are very lucky if you get Roshan as your villa master, he’s the best)

(Photo © Mustafa Sheikh) @mustafa_sheikh

One of these is an outdoor bath, roofed up with trees with birds (and some monkeys in the trees) a ceramic bathtub filled with flowers and a small open fish pond.

Social responsibility 

One of the things I loved most about Haritha Villas and I think it’s worth mentioning is their sense of responsibility towards the environment. No plastic used anywhere in the property, glass water bottles, bamboo wooden straws, and even the shampoo and body wash given by them are completely organic. From a business point of view, I can imagine that increases the costing for them however unlike many other big hotel chains, they still manage to keep the environment clean and avoid any use of plastic or processed items.

The food

Haritha Villas Srilanka – Restaurant (Photo © Mustafa Sheikh)

If you enjoy cuisines from different regions and you are open to trying some of the best Sri Lankan food, you are in for a treat here at Haritha villas. For each of your meals, the chef will ask your preferences, about what cuisine you are planning on having.

dubai influencer mustafa sheikh

However, I would highly recommend trying Sri Lankan food here. The kitchen staff does a great job with all the dishes they make. They have vegan options, meat, seafood (most popular in Sri Lanka) so they have you covered.

But most importantly, don’t forget to try the fresh fruits here.

The Spa

Haritha Villa and spa
Haritha Villa – Mustafa Sheikh

Highly encouraged that you try one of their spa treatments during the stay. The spa is beautifully designed, with serene views of the jungle. The therapists are trained professionals. Do not hesitate from getting some oil on.

The pool

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Haritha Villa and Spa (Photo © Mustafa Sheikh)

One of the best features of this property is their private pools with each of the villas. All pools (small or big depends on the villa you book) look towards the green forests and sunset.

(Photo © Mustafa Sheikh)

There is a common pool area too by the restaurant. But you’ll probably be happier in your private pool. 

Yoga and fitness

Haritha villa has a well-equipped gym and space for practising yoga. You can book a yoga class with one of their yoga instructors. The yoga space looks towards a pond and is placed in the middle of a lush green area within the property. A bit secluded from the rest of the resort, its a perfect spot for some early morning yoga. Yoga mats are provided by Haritha, (usually, Manduka mats which are high performance, lightweight, zero-waste sustainable mats perfect for Hot yoga)

Staff and hospitality

The overall experience is made so worth remembering because of the staff and hospitality of the team. The management has put great effort into the details and design which is coupled with really helpful, kind and welcoming staff that makes this experience, wonderful. Haritha villa is a perfect getaway spot if you want to take a break from city life and get recharged. You can make a booking on their website linked here or even via regular hotel booking websites.

Haritha villa mustafa sheikh travel blogger
Photo © Mustafa Sheikh

For more photos from this villa, you can check out my Instagram where I share some of the best hotels and travel experiences from around the world. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments below or just direct message on my Instagram (@mustafa_sheikh)


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