Cinematic Pack


The Cinematic Pack of Lightroom presets are designed to give your photos a moody cinematic look. With deep contrasts, cold shadows, the presets are to give your photos the feel of a film, the results look like a screenshot taken from a movie.

These presets are to be used with Adobe Lightroom for Desktop computers (Mac and Windows)


How to shoot:
It is very advisable, however, that you shoot the base photos in a dark moody, high contrast light. As you’ll see in the example unedited photos, the contrast is high and the shadows are really deep, for such mood you need to underexpose your base (unedited) image in the camera while you are shooting with use of high shutter speed so the unedited photos are darker and ready to have the cinematic contrasty mood.

Important info about these presets: These special presets are made for underexposed / dark photos (as described above) as shown in the example. You can surely use them on normally lit photos too but do not forget to adjust the “Shadows” and the “Temperature” to get the best results.


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