December in UAE has the famous long weekend in celebration of UAE National Day. During this, I had a chance to visit the newly opened Ceasars Palace Hotel at Bluewaters Island in Dubai. This newly opened island with Dubai Eye (you cannot miss) is close to JBR and was opened to public on Sunday 2nd December, 2018 on the occasion of UAE’s National Day. Next day once we were there (of course) and decided to have lunch at the lobby-level restaurant, Roman Lounge in Ceasars Palace Hotel.

Here are first thoughts

The View

Definitely, the first thing I look for as a photographer. The Roman lounge offers stunning panoramic sea-facing views. If you choose to take the indoor seating, you can still enjoy the view through full glass walls. The outdoor seating, however, offers a lot more stunning views of the resort and the sea.

ceasars palace hotel Dubai
Ceasars palace hotel view from Roman Lounge

The Food

The Roman lounge offers high-quality dining and lunch experience. The food quality is great and they have a number of options when it comes to the beverage. Ranging from fresh healthy juices, to uniquely designed mocktails to wine and other alcoholic drinks. None of the sandwiches come with fries though, which for that price-tag was a little bit surprising, so we ordered fries separately and they have really good (salted) fries.

ceasars palace hotel Dubai
Food at Roman Lounge

Interior and Ambience

The overall ambiance of this place is chic, quiet and calm (at least during lunch hours) The interior is very well designed, with hand-picked furniture and decoration items. That goes hand in hand with Ceasars Palace hotel’s beautifully designed interiors as well.

ceasars palace hotel Dubai
Roman Lounge Interior


In simple words, the service was great. We didn’t have to wait for long for someone to notice us and take our order or bring the cheque. The staff is friendly (compared to other restaurants in Dubai), with a good understanding of each of the menu items (which is also rare in restaurants in Dubai). In my opinion, it is a cool place for afternoon meetup, even a client meeting, or if you want to have outdoor seating under blue skies looking at the sea and sipping on some fresh juices or smoking shisha.

For any questions you can ask me here in comments or on my Instagram and I hope you enjoy your visit there.

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