Society Café & Lounge in Jumeirah (next to The Lime Tree) has been an attraction lately amongst food and café culture lovers. On a summer weekend in Dubai, I decided to go there for lunch and here are my thoughts about this chic, modern place.

The interior of Society is chic, minimal (lots of whites) and bright. It’s full of ambient light during the afternoons and that gives a very refreshing look to the over all place. The outdoor courtyard has marble textured tables, which gives it a very refreshing feeling and perfect for food bloggers who’d like to take beautiful pictures there.

The menu is easy to understand and brief, not really over priced. Staff is quite friendly however on weekend afternoons this place can get quite busy. The breakfast timings are until 3PM however the lunch menu is only available after 1PM so if you’re planning to go for early lunch (12:30sh) make sure you keep this in consideration.

The juices and fresh smoothies are delicious however they can get a little bit too generous about extra ice, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like too much ice, make sure you mention that to the person taking your order. It is a vegan friendly restaurant if you’re going for breakfast, you’ll easily find sufficient items from the breakfast menu you can order as a vegan. From the lunch menu though, it can be a little bit tough.

This place caters to a diverse audience, both Arabic and non Arabic audience however the ratio of arabic speaking customers is observed to be fairly higher in comparison. Society is quite famous among food bloggers in Dubai, well known for its chic modern interior design.

Sufficient parking available nearby unless you visit during really busy hours.

Have fun and share your experience in the comments below.


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