I will be straightforward, THIS IS INSANE! IT WAS ONE OF THE CRAZIEST adrenaline experiences I have tried in quite a long time (and I am no stranger to skydiving and other action sports). Those of you who are living in Dubai and keep up with the happenings around the city must have already heard of or seen the zip line in Dubai Marina.

Especially when the Crown Prince of Dubai H.H. Sheikh Hamdan (famously known on Instagram as Faz3) was seen ziplining across the maze of buildings in of Dubai Marina. This ziplining in Dubai Marina became the top priority on my to-do list right away. So I had to book myself the next available slot and Oh my God! One amazing experience!

No, I’m not done here, in fact, I thought I’d share my first-hand experience here with all the readers; about how to get there and what to expect.

How to get there:

The process was pretty straightforward this time. I booked my ticket online but you can also book from XDubai’s booth which is in Dubai Marina Mall (Level P)

On day and time of my booking, I was required to visit this Xline / XDubai booth first. (Try being there at least 40 minutes earlier so they can do all your check-in formalities. Don’t forget to take your valid ID)

Once done, I was given this luggage bag containing the harness and a helmet.

The staff guided me, with a group of fellow zipliners, towards the outside area of the mall from where a van picked us up and drove us to the location where the take-off platform is.

For safety reasons, we were asked NOT to carry our cellphones or GoPros (or any items in the pocket). But the ticket includes free video and photos that they’ll take of your experience and email them to you. Besides that, I suggest to enjoy the flying experience rather than perfecting the selfie game. Trust me as a photographer, I too really wanted to take my own camera but it’s not really worth it to let that interfere with your experience.

The experience (Zipline in Dubai Marina Xline):

Once we were up on the take-off platform, somewhere in JBR, we were harnessed in a superman harness.

I was eagerly waiting for my turn and to reach up there but when I saw my fellow zipliners going down 80KM/HR before my turn, the fear kicked in.

Upon my turn, I was asked to lay on this bed kind of thing, facing the Dubai Marina skyline, 170M above ground level while they fix my harness to the line.

This was one of the peak-of-fear and thrill moments when I could see myself so up high. I could see tiny humans walking around on the road and a 1KM long area that I was about to zip across.

This very moment when I was trying to collect my thoughts and focus – I hear a countdown ! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the drop!! The adrenaline kicks in as you zip down towards the bridge and between these tall buildings.

It is one of the best and closest to the flying experience. After 3 seconds of release, the joy of flying and adrenaline rush takes over. The feeling is UNBELIEVABLE. Mostly everyone on the landing platform was saying the same thing, “It was totally worth it! ” “It was so AMAZING!”

Once you are done, you want to do it again.

But first it’s time to head back to the Xline booth, handover your gear, so you can receive the recorded footage from the GoPro that was attached to your helmet.

I am definitely going to try this again and will be sharing more photos and video from the experience on my Instagram. For about the experience or in general, feel free to write below in the comments or drop me a message on my Instagram.

For questions specific to booking or operations, I recommend you to go to XLine’s website or the social media pages. Really thankful to XDubai for always bringing such exciting experiences in the city. Can’t wait to see your exciting photos from #XLine You can book it on xdubai.com/xline


0-60 KM/H in 2.5 seconds (As fast as Bugatti Chiron)
1 KM total length
170 M High launch platform


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