Exploring Zürich, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its scenic views, landscape photography of the Swiss Alps, Swiss watches, high-privacy bank accounts and you must have seen their logo on luggage bags too.

But rarely anybody talks about city life, things to do in their main cities like Geneva, Bern or Zürich (the umlaut on the ü is important here). Yes, it’s the global center of banking, finance, and other mundane stuff but it has a lot of stunning views to offer to its visitors too, not sure why no one talks about that.

Anyhow, I decided to go there during my Swiss trip instead of taking the train to the mountains and I absolutely loved it. A wonderful mix of stunning Swiss views + beautiful city architecture, up-class lifestyle and fancy chocolates. So for you here is a list of places and things to do in Zürich on your next trip.

Let’s start with the obvious, the Swiss scenery views, where can you get those without leaving the city? ….. Of course on my Instagram or the following places:

Lake Zürich

Take a walk along Lake Zürich. It starts from the Grossmünster church, along scenic walk by the lake goes all the way until the end. Its almost a 30 min walk, by the lake, the boats, some gardens (perfect if you seek quiet time) but keep going and the end of this walk will surprise you with stunning panoramic view. You’ll meet some beautiful swans on the way. Take some bread with you if you wish to feed them too.

I cannot describe enough in words how serene and beautiful this experience can be. Therefore here are some photos from this lake walk.

Lake Zürich
Swans at Lake Zürich

If you are planning to take some cityscape or touristy photos, go check out the following areas:


Grossmünster church is Romanesque-style church known for its architecture. It is surrounded by a touristy area, has a really cool bridge Munsterbrucke there that can be great for your photos. This has also got a lot of souvenir shops and cafes nearby to it.

Pro tip: you can go the rooftop / observatory spot here, the tickets are available there. This gives you a great panoramic view of the city.


Photograph Mustafa Sheikh – Nikon Z6 + 24+70 f/4 S

is the historic center of the city. The famous photogenic bridge and a lot of souvenir shops make it a very happening and and must visit area for first-time tourists. While you are at Grossmünster, do check out the Munsterbrucke side of it too.


Main downtown Zürich is Bahnhofstrasse. One of world’s most expensive shopping venues. Perfect for shopping lovers. You’ll find all world-famous brand label stores here. If you are in for some up-class shopping, plan a few hours in Bahnhofstrasse district.

Rechtswissenschaftliche Bibliothek

Now if you are an interior photography lover. More importantly, if you are a reader and like to visit beautiful libraries (like I do, check out the Starfield library I visited in my Seoul blog) This spot is for you. Take your wide-angle lens with you, the Rechtswissenschaftliche Bibliothek inside the University of Zürich is a perfect interior design piece.


Zürich has amazing transportation system. The trams go pretty much to all worth visiting locations. You can also user Über or other such apps however once you get the hang of tram and trains you’d prefer that better as the trains in Switzerland are first-class super amazing.

Getting to your hotel from the airport is the same, you can get the train tickets right at the airport. Tip: download the SBB app (train app) to plan your route.

Happy traveling, if you have any questions, ask away in the comments below.


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